Hormone Therapy Compounding


Finding the right medication can be a challenge. Every individual has a unique body composition requiring specific medications. Some people react well to certain treatments, while others do not. Treatment options can get extremely specific when dealing with hormones. 

There are a number of types of hormone therapy solutions available today, but one that is successful in helping men and women regulate their hormones is hormone therapy compounding solutions. 

Our pharmacists can create unique compounds to assist men and women with all types of hormone therapy conditions. we can create the right compound to ensure you relieve the right combination of hormones and medical ingredients in a convenient compound. 

Why Hormone Therapy Compounding Prescriptions?

Hormones can be tricky. They are chemical messengers that share information in the body. If there is an imbalance, it can lead to a variety of side effects and conditions. In women, it can cause weight gain, depression, mood swings, sleep issues, night sweats and hot flashes, low libido and even osteoporosis. 

Men also face a series of side effects if their hormones are imbalanced. Some of the common issues men face include low testosterone, depression, weight gain, fatigue, low energy, low libido, erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, and osteoporosis.

Each one of these side effects in men and women can have a negative effect on your lifestyle, health, and overall well-being. Hormone therapy compounds can be created to address your specific hormonal needs. Compounds can be customized to give you the right mix of hormones to balance you out. To help, doctors can prescribe a custom hormone compound prescription that combines multiple medical ingredients. These compounds are ideal for people who specific requirements. 

What Can Female Therapy Compounding Treat?

Hormone therapy compounding can help women treat many common medical conditions but at a more effective rate. The common condition compounds can treat is menopause. Women produce fewer hormones as they age. It’s also the end of menstruation and fertility. This can lead to lower levels of estrogen and other hormones. Women can be prescribed bio-identical hormone therapy compounds to increase hormones back to a healthy level.

What Can Male Hormone Therapy Compounding Treat?

Once men reach 40, they start to produce less testosterone. This is known as andropause. However, there are other reasons why men may have a hormone imbalance (at any age). Hormone therapy compounds can help men find the right type of testosterone replacement to improve their hormonal health and wellness. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hormone Therapy Compounding?

Customization: Doctors can prescribe specific compounds based on your personal hormone needs. Compounds can help you create highly focused doses to help you increase your hormone levels quickly. 

Delivery: You can choose a way to take your medication that makes sense for you. This includes orals, injectables, suppositories, and other options. Speak with your doctor about the best option for you.

Reduced side effects: Taking a hormone therapy compound can help you reduce the size effects of hormone imbalance and aging. It can help reduce many or all the symptoms you are experiencing.