Veterinary Compounding

There is going to come a time when you need to give your pet medication. And when this time comes, you’ll be happy veterinary compounding solutions exist. Giving medicine to a pet can be extremely challenging, especially if your pet is stubborn and determined to not take what you are trying to give them. Pets will hide, squirm, run away, and spit out medicine. 

As a pet owner, you want what is best for your furry friend. You want to ensure they get the best care possible. Compounding medication in different forms can help you make sure your pet gets the medicine they need, without a struggle (most of the time!)

At Silver Specialty RX, we are dedicated to providing our veterinary patients with the medication they need in a format that makes it easier to administer. Our pharmacists can create unique compounds to assist pets with a variety of health conditions.

Why Veterinary Compounding Prescriptions?

No two pets are the same. They are of different sizes, different animals, breeds, and have unique health considerations. Compounding allows veterinarians to choose from custom options to make administration easier which will increase medication compliance. 

Veterinary compounding is the science of developing custom medication solutions for pets of all kinds. It’s an alternative to an over-the-counter and premixed medication when these solutions are not ideal. 

Compounding can create different flavoured liquids, treats, or other dosage forms with the right amount of medication for your pets’ size and condition.

Veterinarians can prescribe unique compounds prescription that combines multiple medical ingredients. These compounds are ideal for animals that have had issues taking medication or who have experienced side effects in the past. 

Types of Veterinary Compounding

There is a variety of different types of veterinary compounding solutions that can be used. The most common are:

Speak with your vet to determine the right compound to treat your pet’s health condition. 

What Are The Benefits Of Veterinary Compounding?

Veterinary compounds create advantageous solutions for your pet’s care. The most commonly cited benefits include the following:

Personalization: Choose the medical format and size that makes the most sense for your pet, whether they need a big or small dose or prefer a certain type of flavour. 

Convenience:  Being able to give your pet a medication that is easier to administer is much more convenient. 

Consistent dosage: It ensures pets take their medication on time and receive the right dosage

Unique treatments: You have the option to try alternative treatments for unique conditions. The options are endless.

If you have questions about the veterinary compounding solutions available at Silver Specialty RX, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to assist you with your medical needs for your pet.