Hormonal Imbalance in Women – 5 Signs to Look Out For

It’s common for women to experience hormonal imbalances. It can happen at any age, but it’s most commonly associated with menopause. Even a minor change in hormones can have adverse effects. It can cause changes to your mood, skin, energy levels, and even your body composition.

While it’s normal for hormone levels to go up and down as part of your cycle, a hormone imbalance is something different. It occurs when you have too much estrogen and less than adequate levels of progesterone and other hormones. 

How do you know if you have a hormone imbalance? Below are 5 common signs that you may have a hormone imbalance and its time to speak with your doctor:

You are always tired

There are always days when you may feel more tired than usual. But if you are feeling tired and your body is achy consistently, it may be a sign that you have an imbalance. One of the most common reasons for always feeling tired is low progesterone.

You are irritable all the time – your mood suffers

Have you found it challenging for you to get in a good mood? Have others mentioned to you that you are just not yourself? Do you feel grouchy for seemingly no reason? Sudden changes in mood or feeling more anxious than normal is another sign. When your hormones are out of balance, it’s more difficult for your brain to manage your emotions.

You struggle to get a good night’s sleep

Getting enough sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Many things can cause you to have a night of poor sleep, but if it happens consistently, you may have hormone issues. One of the top signs is waking up in the middle of the night, even if you felt tired before going to bed that evening.

You experience sudden weight gain or loss

One of the most common signs of hormone imbalance is sudden weight gain or weight loss. This can happen even if you are eating healthy and exercising regularly. This is what is so frustrating about this sign. You are doing the right things, but your body is not reacting in the way you would like. This is common when your estrogen levels are too low. It can also happen if you have elevated testosterone levels.

Low sex drive or infertility

A final sign that you may be experiencing hormone level issues is low sex drive. This can also include infertility and other related issues such as irregular menstrual cycles. 

Treating hormonal imbalances in women can be challenging. Every woman is different. Hormone therapy compounding can help women treat many common medical conditions but at a more effective rate. Silver Specialty’s hormone therapy compounding services can help you find a medical solution that will be customized to your specific needs and help reduce potential side effects.

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