7 Benefits of Using a Specialty Compounding Pharmacy

Selecting the right pharmacy to meet your unique medication needs is an important decision. Many Canadians are looking for more specialized pharmaceutical services to meet their increasingly specific or challenging health needs. This has led more people to use specialty compounding pharmacies. 

Specialty compounding pharmacies, like ours, offer a unique service that can greatly benefit individuals who have specific medication needs. Whether you are allergic to certain ingredients in traditional medications or require a specific dosage that isn’t available commercially, a specialty compounding pharmacy can tailor a medication to meet your specific needs.

The advantages of using a specialty compounding pharmacy

Thinking about using a compounding pharmacy? Here are 7 benefits of using a specialty compounding pharmacy.

Personalized medication: Specialty compounding pharmacies can create customized medications to meet the specific needs of a patient. This can include creating a medication that is free of certain ingredients that the patient is allergic to, or creating a specific dosage that is not available.

Alternative dosages: Have a specific preference for how you want to take your medication? Pharmacies can create alternative dosages of medications, such as gels or creams, which can be more convenient for some patients.

Access to hormone replacement therapy: These pharmacies offer hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) medications, which are a natural alternative to traditional solutions. This can be especially beneficial for patients who are experiencing symptoms of menopause or andropause, or other hormone deficiencies.

Access to pediatric medications: Finding the right medical compound can be a challenge for children. These pharmacies solve this issue because they can create pediatric medications that are formulated for children. This can include creating medications in a more palatable form, such as a lollipop or a chewable tablet.

They off veterinary medications: Specialty compounding pharmacies offer medications for animals. This can include medications for pets, farm animals, and even zoo animals. The compounds can be created in a way that is easy for the animal to take. 

Access to discontinued medications: Specialty compounding pharmacies can create medications that are no longer commercially available. This can be especially beneficial for patients who have been taking a medication for a long time and are unable to switch to a new medication. You can have your medication needs to be met, even if you have very specific requirements.

Personalized customer service: Specialty compounding pharmacies provide personalized customer service, which can be extremely beneficial for patients who have specific medication needs. The pharmacists and technicians at these pharmacies are trained to work closely with patients and their healthcare providers to ensure that the medication is tailored to meet the patient’s specific needs. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure we help you with all your medication needs. 

Using a specialty compounding pharmacy can greatly benefit patients who have specific medication needs. Specialty compounding pharmacies can create tailored medications, alternative dosage forms, hormone replacement therapy, pediatric medications, veterinary medications, and discontinued medications. So, if you have specific medication needs, consider speaking with our pharmacists about your health and wellness.

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