5 Specialty Compounding Categories Offered by Silver Specialty RX

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 Sometimes people need customized medication to meet their unique healthcare requirements. This is where specialty compounding can be a very effective alternative. It can help you meet your personalized needs. At Silver Speciality RX, we offer a variety of compounding solutions. Below are 5 of the main specialty compounding categories: Pediatric Compounding Pediatric compounding is […]

7 Benefits of Using a Specialty Compounding Pharmacy

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Selecting the right pharmacy to meet your unique medication needs is an important decision. Many Canadians are looking for more specialized pharmaceutical services to meet their increasingly specific or challenging health needs. This has led more people to use specialty compounding pharmacies.  Specialty compounding pharmacies, like ours, offer a unique service that can greatly benefit […]

Hormonal Imbalance in Women – 5 Signs to Look Out For

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It’s common for women to experience hormonal imbalances. It can happen at any age, but it’s most commonly associated with menopause. Even a minor change in hormones can have adverse effects. It can cause changes to your mood, skin, energy levels, and even your body composition. While it’s normal for hormone levels to go up […]

5 Common Pet Health Issues & Signs to Look Out For

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If you have pets, you know how much care they require. Pets, much like people, are predisposed to many different health conditions. If left untreated, it could make the condition a lot more severe and can even lead to additional health issues.  Much like people, not every pet medical issue can be filled by a […]

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Herbal Medication Compouding

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Colorful Pills

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